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The Sigma Defense Stingray Tactical Relay System is an integrated C5ISR hardware and software tactical communications platform. Stingray connects people, systems, and data from space to operator, enabling faster access to data and intelligence from edge to core to cloud for better situational awareness and end-to-end insights in the decision-making process.

The Stingray Tactical Relay delivers high bandwidth, low latency ISR support to the warfighter for fast and reliable creation and
transmission of Full Motion Video (FMV) streams, two-way data exchange with DoDIN customers (C2 services), two-way sensor control, ingest/distribution of Global Broadcast Service (GBS) FMV streams, and management of ISR data. It is a robust suite of communications equipment available in 3 configurations that all maintain full Authority to Operate (ATO) certification: rack mount, case mount, and Miniray that includes:

  • Antenna: Options for Ka/Ku/X-Band 1.35m (rack & case) or 96cm (Miniray)
  • Multi-enclave support – unclassified, classified (S), black transport
  • Server with Virtual Machine (VM)
  • Broadcast-grade FMV encoder / transcoder
  • TDMA or FDMA modem options: ODU Comtech 1050TS/ iDirect 9350
  • ODU GBS (Global Broadcast Service) Receiver
  • Multiple Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) options available

Standard Capabilities

  • ISR sensor backhaul/control and C2 transport
  • Encode/transcode/transport at least four H.264 or one H.265 FMV feeds plus associated metadata
  • Simplified operator Setup via Stingray Configuration Utility (SCU) for rack mount models
  • Network/satellite transport data up to 25 Mbps via Ka, Ku, X-band, and/or 100 Mbps terrestrial
  • ISR data integration from remote platforms into UVDS
  • Antenna is dual LNB configured
  • Local ISR video hosting to collocated personnel (Unified Video Server)

Additional Capabilities

  • C2 services for collocated personnel*
  • Two-way sensor control (remote sensor operation)
  • Local Processing, Exploitation & Dissemination (PED)
  • Direct ISR product downlink to Stingray via optional Rover 6/TREs,
  • Cross Domain Solution – Latest Forcepoint Solutions (HSGsp and HSG)**
  • Inject of ISR product into local Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANET)

*Connectivity to customer-provided C2 enclave is supported – optional user enclave kits are available for higher port density needs
**Contingent upon customers enclave and sponsorship

Stingray Tactical Relay System
Rack Mount Case Mount Miniray
Model # TRK705020 TRK705030 TRK502040
Antenna AVL 1.35m FIT AVL 1.35m FIT Panther II 96cm
Frequency Band Ka/Ku/X-band Ka/Ku/X-band Ka/Ku/X-band
GBS Receiver Yes Yes Optional
Black Transport Available I/O Ports 3 3 2
Red Transport Available I/O Ports 6 10 2
Server YES YES Configuration Varies
UV Server with PED Functionality YES Optional NO
Encoding / Transcoding Encode 3 sensor feeds
(analog/digital) Transcode 4 H.264/1 H.265 streams
Encode 2 sensor feeds
(analog/digital) Transcode 4 H.264/1 H.265 streams
Encode 2 sensor feeds
(analog/digital) Transcode 4 H.264/1 H.265 streams
FMV Encoding / Transcoding YES YES YES
Stingray Control Unit (SCU) YES NO NO
C2 Services YES* YES* YES*
Transport Router Located in ODU Located in ODU Located in Comm Lite Rack
Power 6.5 Amps 6.5 Amps 4 Amps
AC Input 100 – 240 VAC and 50/60 HZ 100 – 240 VAC and 50/60 HZ 100 – 240 VAC and 50/60 HZ
Operating Time on UPS / Battery UPS for up to 30 minutes of operation UPS for up to 30 minutes of operation (3) 2590 batteries included in UPS Deliver Up to 4 Hours of Operation
Size 6 Transit Cases – 405 lbs 6 Transit Cases – 405 lbs 2 Transit Cases – 140 lbs or
2 backpacks (65 lbs each)
Weight 405 lbs 405 lbs 140lbs
Direct Downlink from Aircraft Yes – Additional equipment required (i.e Rover 65 or Tactical Radio Network)
Duplex Datalink to/from Aircraft Yes – Additional equipment required
Directional Antennas for Datalink Yes – Additional equipment required (i.e Rover 65 or Tactical Radio Network)
Two-Way Sensor Control YES YES YES

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