Software Defined Communications for Decision Dominance

Sigma Defense works with the Joint Forces, government agencies and partner nations, providing software led solutions for CJADC2, C5ISR, DevSecOps, Application Delivery and Training and Readiness. When rapid access to information and actionable intelligence is critical to faster decision making and mission success, Sigma Defense Systems has the technology and expertise to deliver “sense, make sense and act” capabilities for today’s warfighter.

We specialize in delivering solutions and services for our customers in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Space Force, DISA, and other government agencies that encompass ground, air, sea and space-based systems and sensors and network and satellite communications. Through faster access to data and intelligence from edge to core to cloud, we are delivering the solutions our customers need for better insights end-to-end in the decision-making process.

Sigma Defense

Sigma Defense provides innovative approaches to tactical communications solutions for C5ISR, CJADC2, SATCOM and DEVSECOPS to support the servicemen and women of the Joint Force at home and abroad. We’re here to work with you to deliver the technology and expertise needed for mission success.

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