Sigma Defense Solutions for Command, Control, Communications, Computers & Cyber Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C5ISR)

A radar dish points up toward three military jets flying overhead.

Expedite data delivery​ to transform information into insights

The Sigma Defense C5ISR solutions connect the forward edge warfighter, weaponry and other assets with critical intelligence, tactical networks, and analytical tools for greater situational awareness and decision making. Our software-centric Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) integrates open architectures to expedite the delivery of data and transforming information into intelligence and insights is changing the nature of defense systems, battlefield strategies, and communications security.

C5ISR for every threat landscape

Sigma Defense’s solutions for C5ISR span all domains: air, land, sea, space, cyber and electromagnetic spectrum and integrates varying data sources across diverse networks. Integrated, modular suites of equipment, provide backhaul capabilities from remote locations for multiple data sources including multiple High-Definition (HD) Full Motion Video (FMV) feeds. Data collected at the edge can be channeled to a centralized data lake for processing, analysis and dissemination across joint force environments.

Sigma Defense ISR Case Study Army Soldier Using Technology

Sigma Defense Solution: ISR Use Case

Learn more about the ISR challenges faced by the DoD and how Sigma Defense is helping them overcome these barriers.

Leaders in C5ISR

Our team of experts are leaders in designing, integrating and testing critical communications infrastructure and managing Network Operations Centers (NOC) supporting communications missions across the globe. We support critical C5ISR functions that includes:

  • Data and Voice Communications
  • HD Full Motion Video
  • Digital Intelligence Collection
  • AI/ML Analytics
  • Information Dissemination
  • Secure Networking

Camera sensor pods under an unmanned aerial surveillance drone aircraft.

Sigma Defense Solution: FMV Use Case

Sigma Defense has deep expertise in delivering solutions for Full Motion Video. Learn more about how we are solving FMV challenges for the DoD and accelerating real-time decision-making.

Sigma Defense Stingray Tactical Relay System Overview

Stingray Tactical Relay System

Learn more about the Sigma Defense Stingray Tactical Relay System, an integrated C5ISR hardware and software tactical communications platform in the Solution and Technical Briefs.

Solution Brief

Technical Brief

C5ISR Solutions to Support a Digital Modernization Strategy

  • Secure Data and Voice Communications​
  • Creation and transmission of Full Motion Video (FMV) streams ​
  • Digital intelligence collection​ and distribution
  • Greater insights through AI/ML Analytics ​
  • Bi-Directional data exchange and information dissemination​