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Unify and streamline software development across your enterprise with Sigma Software Studio—our proven DevSecOps platform.

Sigma Software Studio enables fast, secure stand-up of software factories with less cost and complexity than building from the ground up. It supports a central development environment where teams can deploy applications faster with a shared set of resources and built-in security.

By standardizing on a single platform, developers can focus solely on serving their mission—instead of managing their infrastructure.

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How Sigma Software Studio Works

Sigma Software Studio provides the foundational DevSecOps platform that reduces siloes between software factories. This lets teams easily build and expand a software factory with shared set of resources.

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Why Sigma Software Studio

  • Has a track record of success with Authority to Operate (ATO) accreditation by U.S. Navy and USMC
  • Provides a proven platform from a company with a long and successful history of delivering DevSecOps capabilities to the DoD
  • Shortens software factory deployment time from months to days
  • Eliminates up-front capital investment in hardware and software, speeds time-to-value, and simplifies procurement and management with DevSecOps as-a-Service
  • Enables developers to bring in many of their own tools to support their pipelines
  • Is the only commercial offering to be accredited at IL2/IL4/IL5 security with IL6 forthcoming
  • Offers a dynamic platform that can constantly evolve to support new tools

Tested and Trusted within DoD

Sigma Software Studio is based on Black Pearl—a proven DevSecOps framework Sigma Defense developed for the U.S. military.

Black Pearl is the de facto DevSecOps platform for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. It provides a reusable pipeline of components to all developers in the same ecosystem. It also provides turnkey compliance and security for all levels—in one environment that unifies development, deployment, security and operations.

With Sigma Software Studio, we help other customers bring this same DevSecOps approach to their own organizations.

DIY Approach vs. Sigma Software Studio

A customer example shows how Sigma Software Studio saves time, cost and complexity over a DIY approach.

Sigma Software Studio Options

We offer Sigma Software Studio at different levels to support our customers’ unique requirements.

Collaboration Development and Test Development, Test and Production

Git-based Source Code Management

Ability to host git repositories

Issue Management

Ability to create issues and track progress

Knowledge Management

Wiki-based knowledge management

Chat Capability

Ability to chat with other users in team-based chat environment

CUI Chat Capability

Ability to chat Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) with other users in team-based chat environment

Source Code Scanning

Statically scan source code repositories

Artifact Management

Host artifacts of the build process

Container Scanning

Scan Docker containers


Managed, dedicated and configurable infrastructure that may run and build containerized tooling in support of a CI pipeline

Pipeline Component Templates

Templates to simplify buildup of pipelines


End-to-end software delivery from development to production