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Black Pearl

Black Pearl

Created for the U.S. Navy, this trusted DevSecOps platform speeds and unifies software development across DoD. It provides a common development environment that enables fast, cost-effective stand-up of software factories enterprise-wide.

Platform One Big Bang

Platform One Big Bang

A DoD-wide service helps users build a custom software factory for mission needs and launch applications faster. We support this with Kubernetes experts, development experience, security operations expertise, and more.

The Forge

The Forge

This Navy-owned effort creates a development environment that embeds mandated security from the start. Built on the Black Pearl platform, it provides a shared space for developers—including Sigma Defense engineers—to develop software for AEGIS combat systems.

ICP Next

Maritime Surveillance Systems PMS 485

Sigma Defense was selected to create a new product architecture for the ICP system for Maritime Surveillance Systems (MSS). We developed a modern software factory supported by Agile development to deliver DevSecOps compliance, updated security and modern capabilities.

RAIL (Rapid Autonomy Integration Lab)


Using Black Pearl, the Navy created a development space to test and deliver capabilities for unmanned undersea vehicles. Black Pearl gave RAIL developers the compute power and connected environment to perform loop testing against real hardware as part of the pipeline.

FA-18 and EA-18G

PMA 265

The customer required support for Windows-based software development that Black Pearl did not offer. They partnered with the Black Pearl team—which includes Sigma Defense—to develop and integrate this capability. With Windows capabilities now available, the teams are now working to provision cloud-based Windows desktops.

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Battle-Tested Security

Sigma Defense’s proven approach to DevSecOps has been rigorously tested and approved in the DoD.

We embed application and infrastructure security from the start—while automating certain security functions to maintain a consistent DevOps workflow.

  • Accredited at IL2/IL4/IL5 security with IL6 forthcoming
  • Double encryption at higher impact levels
  • Vulnerability detection, quarantine, and notification
  • Built-in security and compliance ensure resources are current, secure, and available
  • High-fidelity integration testing for mission-specific integration environments
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Achieve it all with Sigma Software Studio

Based on the framework of Black Pearl, our proven DevSecOps platform can help your organization…

  • Deliver capabilities faster with shorter lead time.
  • Embed security faster and earlier in development.
  • Reduce development costs.
  • Deliver faster innovation to DoD and federal agencies.
  • Automate development, compliance and deployment tasks—so your team can focus on what they do best.