Sigma Defense Solutions for Development Security & Operations (DevSecOps)

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Sigma Defense Solution

Excellence in DevSecOps

Sigma Defense’s DevSecOps services accelerate development timelines and improve delivery outcomes through enhanced engineering practices; promoting a more cohesive collaboration between Development, Security, and Operations teams as they work towards continuous integration and delivery.

Industry Leader in DevSecOps

At Sigma Defense, our DevSecOps services include:

  • Agile Software Development
  • CI/CD
  • Infrastructure Automation / Infrastructure as a Code
  • Refactoring
  • Software Factories
  • Continuous Accreditation
  • IaaS / PaaS / SaaS
  • Cloud Migration
  • Service Mesh

Sigma Defense DevSecOps Expert Solution infographic

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Sigma Defense Solution


Learn how Sigma Defense enables fast, secure stand-up of software factories with less cost and complexity than building from the ground up.

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Sigma Defense Solution

Proven DevSecOps Methodology

With a proven methodology for IT development, the Sigma Defense approach to DevSecOps incorporates application and infrastructure security from the beginning, as well as automating some security functions to maintain a consistent DevOps workflow.

An analyst in a command center reviews data.
Sigma Defense Solution

Proven Experts at DevSecOps

Sigma Defense’s strong proficiency of DevSecOps Engineering, Software Development, Cloud Architecture, Cyber Security, and IT Operations and Support is demonstrated through successful complex projects.

Expert DevSecOps Solution

Sigma Defense has the expertise to help agencies cultivate a DevSecOps process that:

  • Deliver mission capabilities faster by accelerating lead time from development to deployment
  • Leverage proven strategies and processes to embed security faster and earlier in the development process
  • Reduce development costs with focused expertise
  • Deliver faster innovation to DoD and federal agencies
  • Automate tasks for development, compliance and deployment so your team can focus on what they do best




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