Expeditionary Communications Software Definable Network-Appliance

The SDNA-XC is a highly portable, rugged software programmable communications solution that combines the functionality of an IP router and a Virtual Machine (VM) server. The SDNA-XC offers enterprise-class Virtualized Networking Function (VNF) performance in a small size, weight, and low power (SWaP) device that is durable enough to withstand the rigors of mobile and portable use in the most austere locations. The SDNA-XC is part of a family of small, low-profile appliances that can be used individually or paired with other XC appliances as part of assembling a truly scalable executive communications capability. Other XC devices include the SDNA-HK and the SDNA-XC-BANKS.

Expeditionary Communications (XC) devices enable remote workers to securely connect to unclassified and classified networks from almost anywhere.  ​Designed to meet MIL STD 810 and 461 for shock, vibration, temperature, environmental exposure, and EMI levels, XC products withstand the rigors of the harshest conditions.

Cisco ESR 6300 IP Router

Following Cisco’s launch of the new Embedded Service Router 6300, the Expeditionary Communications ESR6300 (XC-6300) device has been developed. The XC-6300 is a small, rugged, low power yet high performance enterprise class IP router targeted at applications where customers seek Cisco’s IOS-XE operating system for IP packet routing needs in operational environments that demand rugged hardware. Cisco IOS-XE contains all the original capabilities of the legacy Cisco IOS yet brings the next generation of Cisco capabilities such as SD-WAN functionality and support for cellular modems for WAN transport.

€Cisco ESS 3300 Ethernet Switch

The EC Cisco Embedded Service Switch 3300 (XC- 3300) Ethernet switch is part of the Expeditionary Communications product family, providing high performance Ethernet switching capabilities in a small and robust device for use anywhere and anytime, even in the most austere of locations. TheXC-3300 level of ruggedization is idea for use in industrial or military applications that demand extreme temperature, shock, vibration and high MTBF support. The XC-3300 offers two (2) ports of 10 Gigabit Ethernet and eight (8) ports of gigabit Ethernet, and run’s Cisco’s IOS XE operating system.

Expeditionary Communications Power Supply Unit/Uninterruptible Power Supply

The XC Power Supply Unit/Uninterruptible Power Supply (PSU/UPS) is part of the Expeditionary Communications product family, providing regulated, filtered, and isolated 24 volts DC to up to 4 devices. The XC PSU/UPS contains an integral lithium ion battery (eight user servable 16340 lithium-ion batteries) as its primary back up battery power source in the event AC or DC main power is lost.