COMSEC Ancillaries

Driven by industry demand for more reliable components, less expensive solutions, and niche requirements, Sigma Defense COMSEC Ancillaries ensure your security devices have reliable power and can mount into standard IT racks.


Expeditionary Communications Power Supply Unit/Uninterruptible Power Supply

The Power Supply Unit/Uninterruptible Power Supply (PSU/UPS) is part of the Expeditionary Communications product family, providing regulated, filtered, and isolated 24 volts DC to up to 4 devices. The PSU/UPS contains an integral lithium ion battery (eight user servable 16340 lithium-ion batteries) as its primary back up battery power source in the event AC or DC main power is lost.

In the event greater battery runtime is required, the PSU/UPS has the unique ability to interface to an external rechargeable battery pack (temporarily discontinuing the use of its internal batteries) to provide more battery capacity as an alternative to its internal batteries. Military customers can use the tried-and-true 2590 or twist lock radio batteries via a cable, and commercial customers may choose to use alternative battery technologies.

The PSU/UPS is fully field programable, meaning users can change the output voltage to 12 or 24 VDC, and may also change the type of battery chemistry (Li-Ion, Li-Po, LIFEPO4, Lead Acid) being used and the rate in which the device charges. Despite its flexibility, the PSU/UPS is designed to work out of the box as a plug and play power supply and UPS solution.

The PSU/UPS is part of the new Expeditionary Communications product portfolio, which has been designed by from the printed circuit board up to meet the demands of military, government, and other industries that require robust, high performance IP networking and IT functionality in the most austere of locations. For customers who need to communicate wherever and whenever, there has never been a product family as small, durable, flexible, and scalable as the EC products. EC products include the Software Definable Networking – ApplianceTM (SDN-ATM) EC, XC-3300 Switch, the XC-6300 Router, and several additional EC products; to include: RoIP technologies, video encoders/transcoders, high performance compute in support of AI/ML applications, and a designed from scratch chassis system.

Our EC products are on the leading edge of what is possible in the deployable communications electronics market. They are smaller, lower power, higher performing, more rugged, easier to use, easier to transport, more flexible in how they can be packaged or kitted, and the most scalable deployable communications in the market today. Instead of settling for the rest of what the market offers, insist on the best of what exists for your tactical edge of network deployable secure communications and computing needs.

Other COMSEC Ancillaries Products:


The AJ Power Source HRW PSU/UPS PG400 (CS HRW-P) is designed and produced by AJ Power Source, a leader in military/industrial rugged power supplies and UPS products, for customers seeking a HRW power supply for use within the Expeditionary Networking Kit or as a stand-alone device.

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CS Uni1

Our unique COMSEC device shelving solutions enable you to rigidly mount various Type 1 COMSEC devices within a standard 1U or 2U IT rack space.

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CS Uni2

The 2U tall variant of the COMSEC Uni-Shelf works the same as the 1U version and it is available for applications requiring additional clearance and rigidity.

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CS Uni2

The COMSEC Uni-Shelf (CS Uni2) iGov Variant is a unique shelving solution that rigidly mounts various Type 1 COMSEC devices and IAS IP networking appliances within a standard 2U IT rack space.

The CS Uni2 is easy to use and affordable, allowing complete flexibility when configuring rack space. Its flexible design supports the retention of several different vendors’ COMSEC products, IP networking appliances and the mixing and matching of various vendors’ products. This allows organizations to simply inventory a single shelf and use it for several products/applications.

All necessary hardware (bolts & washers) required to retain the list of supported devices is included.

A CS Uni2 Strapping Kit is also available (sold separately). It is used to retain first generation KG- 250s, KIV-7Ms, or KIV-19Ms (which all lack hard mounting points).