COMSEC Ancillaries

Driven by industry demand for more reliable components, less expensive solutions, and niche requirements, Sigma Defense COMSEC Ancillaries ensure your security devices have reliable power and can mount into standard IT racks.

CS Uni1

The COMSEC Uni-Shelf (CS Uni1) is the first and only COMSEC device shelf designed to support rigidly mounting multiple vendors COMSEC devices in a mix and match manner. The COMSEC Uni-Shelf is a 1U shelf, which features mounting points for many popular NSA certified COMSEC devices.

The CS Uni1 allows flexibility when configuring COMSEC rack space using an affordable and easy to use COMSEC device shelving product. Because the COMSEC Uni-Shelf’s innovative design allows you to mix and match devices, you will no longer need to inventory different shelves for different products. It includes all the necessary hardware (bolts & washers) required to retain the list of supported COMSEC devices. Why spend thousands of dollars per shelf
to simply mount your COMSEC equipment when the COMSEC Uni-Shelf offers unparalleled flexibility at a surprisingly low price?


The Quick Release Kit (optional) allows General Dynamics’ KG-175D units to be retained, then removed, using a tool-less mounting tray design. The Slide Rail Kit (optional) allows users to fully extend the COMSEC Uni-Shelf out of the rack on full extension slide rails to gain full access to the COMSEC devices retained on the shelf. The COMSEC Uni-Shelf Straps (optional) are used to retain first generation KG-250s, KIV-19Ms, and KIV-54s (which all lack hard mounting points). Each of the optional accessories are sold separately to keep cost down for users who may not need or require all these capabilities.

The COMSEC Uni-Shelf can be used to mix or match devices for unparalleled flexibility.

Other COMSEC Ancillaries Products:


The AJ Power Source HRW PSU/UPS PG400 (CS HRW-P) is designed and produced by AJ Power Source, a leader in military/industrial rugged power supplies and UPS products, for customers seeking a HRW power supply for use within the Expeditionary Networking Kit or as a stand-alone device.

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CS Uni2

The 2U tall variant of the COMSEC Uni-Shelf works the same as the 1U version and it is available for applications requiring additional clearance and rigidity.

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CS FO175

The KG175 Failover Adapter (CS FO175) ensures that your General Dynamics’ KG-175 A/B/D/G HAIPE device will remain powered and online.

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CS FO175

KG-175 Failover Adapter

The CS FO175 has been designed and developed specifically to meet the needs of users who require a high reliability power supply solution for the KG-175 family of HAIPE devices. Customers who implement the CS FO175 will have peace of mind knowing that their KG-175 A, B, D or G HAIPE device will remain powered and online in the event of a power supply failure. The CS FO175 uses two power supplies in a failover arrangement so if one of the two power supplies fails, the KG-175 device will remain powered by the second power supply. It does this instantaneously and automatically with no user interaction. The CS FO175 utilizes either the KG-175 OEM power supply or the highly reliable power supplies that we produce specifically for the KG-175 family and works with either the KG-175A, B, D, and G HAIPE devices.