SDN Appliances

Software Definable Network Appliances™ (SDN-A™) are portable, robust, software programmable communications solutions for secure voice, video and data feeds over a variety commercial network technologies including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cellular, MANET, SATCOM and more.


Software Definable Network Appliance with Epiq Solutions™ Radio

Teamed with Epiq Solutions, we designed, developed, and produced a highly secure, small form factor IP routers and Software Definable Network-Appliance (SDN-A) with embedded Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology. This portable product line is designed for government and military customers requiring security for their communications and other wireless applications.

The SDN-A with SDR product combines Epiq’s low Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP), SidekiqTM family of RF transceivers with our lightweight, ruggedized EC SDN-A, SDN-A MICRO, and HRW SDN-A products. The solution provides a powerful combination of SDR applications with NSA CNSA IPsec VPN tunneling over a wide array of commercial network technologies including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cellular, MANET, and Satcom.

IP Router Third Party Validations and Certifications

  • NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 2 Validated
  • NIAP Common Criteria Certified
  • DISA UC APL Placement


  • CubeSat/UAS data links
  • Remote RF Sensing
  • Embedded RF
  • Locally process and remotely view data securely
  • Long-haul data using Commercial National • Security Algorithm Suite (CNSA) IPsec

Other SDN Appliances Products:


Combines the capabilities of an IP networking router, a 20 port PoE Ethernet switch with 10G interfaces, and an enterprise-class virtual machine server into a single Half Rack Width (HRW) appliance.

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The F45 seamlessly combines our Software Definable Network Appliance™ (SDNA™) technology with the industry leading Radio Over IP (RoIP) Gateway technology from JPS Interoperability.

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The Half Rack Width (HRW) Software Definable Network-Appliance (SDN-A) delivers high performance while significantly reduces the size, weight, power and cost of tactical communications.

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Software Definable Network Appliance (SDNA) Half Rack Width (HRW)

The SDNA-HRW is our highest performing SDN-A, featuring Intel® processors with Intel QuickAssist® Technology (QAT). Intel QAT significantly increases cryptographic performance by adding dedicated cryptographic acceleration hardware on the Intel Xeon CPU, supporting 20 Gbps and 50 Gbps AES encryption performance levels. By using the dedicated cryptographic acceleration logic, the balance of the Intel Xeon processor can be leveraged for software based Virtualized Networking Functions (VNF) or application servers.